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This form enables players to auto-request that coaches add them to a team roster. If you are either not rostered, or your email was not previously entered by your coach (a requirement to login and access all site features like voting, restricted areas of team pages, custom player pages), select or fill in the information below, then click "SEND". If the team and coach information you provided is correct, your coach will receive an email from the site with a link for him to click (assuming he approves it) which will auto-roster you with your email address, and then send you a temporary password to login with. If using a free email account, please check you bulk/spam folder if you think your coach approved you but did not receive the password. You can also click the "send password" link on the main page to send you a new one. Again, check bulk/spam if your coach approved you but you do not see the email message.

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