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 subject: "Please forward to any of your players who may be interested"
Kenny Anderson

Sep 27, 2009
10:57 AM
Super Series

Team Virginia

Started in 2009, the MCFFU (Metro Competitor Flag Football Union) Super Series is an annual elite-level competition series between North American states competing for a shot at the Super Series Title.

The Super Series tournament is the first of its kind and will be the largest competitive flag football event in North America , showcasing 3 days of non-stop action, along with under-ticket events for multiple skill-levels for Men, Women and Youth with the World Championships! Come watch as 24 National Teams (representing their state); battle it out from Friday to Sunday for the Wilson-Kerrigan Cup and the title of the " Best State in Flag"!

This is not your average tournament, nor is it another celebrity flag event - this is 100% flag football at its best - full contact, complete uniform, marquee names and the best venues - bring a mouth piece and your A-Game....

The Super Series will be filmed by Rhett Neilson of Yellow Metal TV. Works include Ultimate Fighting, World Championships of Martial Arts and other Las Vegas sporting events.

Each team will play four games beginning on a Friday with 2 games, followed by 2 more on Saturday, with the top 6 teams advancing to the Championship Single-Elimination round on Sunday. The committee may authorize a total of 8 teams to Sunday if 18 teams or more are entered - 24 team max for 2010.

All games will be played in stadiums located in the Las Vegas area.

The objective of this event is to promote flag football as a true “Professional Sport”, attract national media exposure annually, create the highest-level of flag football competition possible and gain partnership with one of the World’s most popular brands – NIKE.

Footage of the event will be filmed, packaged and presented to sports networks, with the aid of our national partners in an effort to have this, as well as other WC Flag Football events becoming part of their regular programming annually.

One of the biggest challenges any new sports league seeking national exposure faces is how to get on television? With the expansion of sporting networks through cable and the increasing demand for new quality sporting events, stations such as Spike TV and The Versus Channel that each reach some 75 million plus homes, provides the platform necessary to successfully promote competitive flag football.

If we want the sport that we enjoy playing to be sponsored the way AVP Volleyball Tour is sponsored, the way the National Paintball Association is sponsored and the hundreds of other amateur sports before us; then we have to take it upon ourselves to provide a product that is “worth” sponsoring.

Participating teams will be comprised of former professional athletes (NFL, Arena I, Arena II and other sports), Indoor Football Leagues, former college athletes (Division I, II and III), Semi-Pro football players, along with the best local flag football talent to build the best team possible to represent our state. As the Head Coach I am completely dedicated to selecting the best, most dedicated individuals possible to represent Team Virginia .

Games will be played in local Las Vegas , Nevada Stadiums, with adequate seating, scoreboards, clocks, PA announcing and concessions.


This will be 9v9 Ineligible, meaning 3 down lineman are not eligible to receive passes. This is more like traditional American Football, but played with 9 players. Contact such as – bump-and-run coverage, stiff-arm, downfield blocking, punting, field goals and Pop-n-Pull (hitting the ball carrier before pulling the flag; the flag however must be pulled on the hit) are allowed.

For more Information please contact:

Kenneth Anderson

(703) 499- 4489