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We got a chance to revenge our loses from this year. WestWood, Gunz, poorboyz, and what it do are all still alive in the playoffs

 Top Rivals
 opponentspanrec vs streak 
 Teligon Gunz2008-2012 (5-5) L 1 
 AmFamFit2008-2013 (8-0) W 8 
 Westwood2011-2013 (7-1) W 6 
 D-Mob2011-2012 (7-0) W 7 
 VDP2012-2013 (6-0) W 6 
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 Recent Seasons
 2016 : Virginia Flag Football Association(4-0) 

 2015 : Virginia Flag Football Association(3-1) 

 2014 Winter: Virginia Flag Football Association(4-0) 

 2014 Fall: Fairfax County Flag Football League(7-0-1) 

 2013 Winter: IFFL Fairfax Winter Flag Football League(7-0) 

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