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Game Center: D-Mob vs Shoey`s Comm (F.E.D.S.) ... 04, 2006

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Dec 04, 2006
D-MOB38  F
Shoey`s Comm (F.E.D.S.)14  
tournament "Open" championship
Zanesville, OH
Shoey`s Comm (F.E.D.S.)

matchup history:
These teams have only met once, on Dec 04, 2006, a United States Flag Football Association "Open" tournament championship game which D-Mob won 38-14.

game results:
date/time/locationleague/tournament/game classresult extras
Dec 04, 2006
Zanesville, OH
United States Flag Football Association (Winter 2006)
•tournament "Open" championship game
Shoey`s Comm (F.E.D.S.)14

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