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Game Center: AmFamFit vs 7 PT Spread ... 07, 2013

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Dec 07, 2013
7 PT Spread26  
tournament "Open"
EC Lawrence#3
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12/07/13 12:00
12/07 : 7 PT Spread trips AmFamFit 26-21

7 PT Spread improves to 2-0 early in the season, while AmFamFit drops to 0-1.

Coupled with a win in their previous game, 7 PT Spread has now won two in a row.

Prior to this game, these teams had met only one other time, on Sep 08 2013, 10:15, a Central Virginia Football Association "A" regular season game which amfamfit won 20-10.

Gametime temperature was a chilly 39 degrees under mostly cloudy skies.

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