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Game Center: GameFace vs TMT ... 07, 2013

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Dec 07, 2013
tournament "Open" semifinal
Oak Marr#2
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12/07/13 18:00
12/07 : TMT wins O semifinal vs GameFace 26-21

TMT starts the season with a win, while GameFace drops one in the loss column.

The loss comes on the heels of a GameFace victory in their last game. These teams had played each other twice prior to this matchup. Their most recent matchup was Nov 09 2013, 10:00, a IFFL Prince Georges County Flag Football League "Open" regular season game which GameFace won 10-0.

Gametime temperature was a frigid 35 degrees under partly cloudy skies.

TMT will face off against Spartans (0-0) on Dec 07 2013, 10:30 at Oak Marr#2.


09/06/14 11:03
By the way, 3/4 is confirmed as crorect. The original comment I wrote for this problem came to the crorect solution, but I had forgotten to calculate area by using radii, not diameters. All my calculations were off by a factor of 2, which turned out not to matter since you lose the 2 once you establish the ratio.

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