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2015 Winterl: Poll Rankings

week of Dec 06, 2015

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Open level rankings
Coaches Poll  (0/10 voted = 0%)
rankteam namevotes
Players Poll  (0/80+ voted = 0%)
rankteam namevotes
Computer Poll  
rankteam namerank calculation
1Triple Threat111.3+sos(16.8)=128.1
2WV Allstars75.6+sos(24.6)=100.2
7WV NightHawks-9.0+sos(37.8)=28.8
8Gas/Oil INS-8.5+sos(24.5)=16.0
9The W0.0+sos(0.0)=0.0
9WV Raiders0.0+sos(0.0)=0.0
Overall Rankings  
rankteam namerpa
1(0)Triple Threat (3-0)1.0
2(0)WV Allstars (2-1)2.0
3(0)WLU (1-1)3.0
4(0)Shadyside (1-1)4.0
5(0)Ravens (1-1)5.0
6(0)York (0-1)6.0
7(0)WV NightHawks (0-1)7.0
8Gas/Oil INS (0-2)8.0
9(0)The W (0-0)9.0
9(0)WV Raiders (0-0)9.0

Coach and Player polls are set at a 50% participation baseline. At 50% participation, these polls carry equal weight to the Computer Rankings. Above this threshold, these polls carry more weight. Below it, they carry less weight. Computer rankings are: win perc. + avg pt diff (=raw rank #) + schedule strength (avg of opponents raw rank #/*.5). Overall ranking is a combination of the coaches poll, players poll and computer rankings. Coaches and players must be logged in to the site to vote. The results of each poll are weighted according to participation. For example, if there are 32 coaches at a certain level, and only 16 casts votes for that week, the average team rankings from the coaches poll is weighted at 50% of the computer rankings. For the players poll, rankings are weighted according to 8 players per team. In the same scenario (32 teams) the basis is 256 (32 x 8) players. If only 6 players in the league cast votes, the average rankings of the players poll will only be weighted at 2.3% of the computer rankings. Additionally, if a player or coach does not rank all slots (i.e. only votes for the top 5 and leaves the rest blank), their particular ballot is down-weighted proportionally.

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