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American Family Fitness has been Richmond, VA owned and operated since 1988. We have six Richmond locations and one location in Fredericksburg. Whether you want to maintain overall health, introduce fitness to your family or fine-tune your competitive edge, American Family Fitness has what it takes to help you become Fit As You Want To Be!


 Top Rivals
 opponentspanrec vs streak 
 Teligon Gunz2005-2012 (3-9) L 1 
 Soldiers2005-2012 (5-5) W 1 
 Westwood2007-2013 (7-2) W 3 
 Primetime2008-2013 (0-8) L 8 
 Heismen2008-2013 (5-2) L 1 
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 Recent Seasons
 2013 Winter: United States Flag Football Association(0-1) 
 Virginia Flag Football Association(0-1) 

 2013 Fall: Central Virginia Football Association(2-6) 

 2013 Summer: IFFL Tournaments(2-2) 

 2013 Spring: Central Virginia Football Association(6-2) 

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